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Legacy Video Clips

Legacy Video Clips

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  • 2-3 hour interview in home 

  • Integration of up to 30 personal photos

  • Edited film removing interviewer voice (approx 90 min-2 hours)

  • All files delivered on USB drive (up to 3 provided) and private link

Legacy Videos are for those looking to capture the life story of a loved one  with the addition of a few personal photographs to paint the picture of each memory.  The entire interview takes place in the comfort of your own home and covers the arc of someone's life, from childhood to present day. 


We will have a phone call or facetime with the interviewee (and any other family members involved) before the interview date to walk them through the set up process, ensure the client is fully comfortable with the questions that will be asked, and address all questions and concerns.  

The week of the interview, a light outline of questions  planning to be asked is sent ahead of time to give the client plenty of time to think about their answers, reflect on their life experiences, and determine what they would like to convey to their friends and family in their answers. 

A conversation is always had as well with the other parties involved, for example if siblings are all contributing to the payment for their parents to be interviewed and would like certain subjects to be included (or avoided). 

2-3 hours can be a long time to sit and talk about yourself (although trust me, it flies by) but not to worry, there will be plenty of breaks as needed. There is also the option of walking through the home to highlight certain stories and memories to add depth to the film. Imagine this is your own life documentary and if the home was the setting to important years, people love to highlight that. My personal favorite are stories that begin with "This is where ... smashed a hole in the wall." Or maybe that was just my upbringing...

It's an invaluable gift to forever have a recording of how your parents met, how your grandpa laughs, or how YOU gush over your own kids and can't wait to watch them grow into who they were meant to be. There is no reason to wait. 

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As someone who appreciates the art of storytelling, I’m so grateful to have such a meaningful keepsake for my family. Working with you to create this video was one of the best things we’ve done for ourselves and our children. 

Lisa Sugarman 

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